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About us

The management and the staff of the Finnish construction company Nordeo (Nordeo JSC) comprise professionals with the highest levels of qualification, who more than 30 years ago laid the foundation of the development and construction in Western Siberia.

Thanks to these people, the map of the world was added with the municipality of Kogalym, oil capital of LUKOIL, which today is deservedly referred to as the Pearl of Western Siberia.

For the decades of hard work, the craftsmen from Nordeo JSC have erected and commissioned apartment buildings with free apartment layout planning, exclusive private houses, schools, health centres, hotels, youth centres, shopping centres, unique modern sports palaces, water treatment plants and administration buildings in various regions of the Russian Federation.

Today, Nordeo JSC performs the engineering and construction of residential and administration buildings, social and cultural facilities supported with utility systems, providing the full range of development services from the initial construction work to complete turnkey solutions taking into account all requests of the customers.

Nordeo JSC is part of the concern that comprises several European companies and is headed by the parent company MSI Grupp JSC (

For the operations in the EU market Nordeo JSC possesses the ISO 9001:2008 European Certificate.

Having achieved the status of a successful and established company in the construction market of Russia, Nordeo JSC has passed the certification process and obtained the ISO 9001-2008 Eurorus quality management system certificate for construction and engineering.

As of 2009, Nordeo JSC is a full member of the non-profit partnerships Constructors Alliance and Council of Designers.

The quality of performance by Nordeo JSC is at the highest level of the European standards. The successful partnership relations with the customers have resulted in the conclusion of several contracts for the engineering and construction of administration buildings in Moscow, Ufa, St.-Petersburg and Helsinki.

The high competitiveness of the services offered by Nordeo JSC is to a great extent due to the technology of the reinforced concrete structures effectively saving heating energy, which is used by the company in the erected buildings. These structures are produced at the plants of the companies that are affiliated to the same concern as Nordeo JSC. They are Betoneks JSC (Tallinn, and BETONEKS-Saint-Petersburg LLC (St.-Petersburg,

In Russia, Gradeks LLC ( is one of the main partners of Nordeo JSC. Due to the cooperation with Gradeks LLC, the company has been successfully operating in the residential development sector of the Russian construction market.

The major asset of Nordeo JSC and its key to success are the team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who within the agreed terms will accomplish the tasks of any complexity, which is confirmed by the many positive testimonials and references from the customers.